Season preparation :: Like-new pack

Services included in our Like-New Pack:

  • Transfer to the service marina
  • Lift up the vessel
  • Dry berth
  • Wash hull under waterline
  • Clean rust on the entire vessel
  • Sandpaper hull under waterline
  • Clean teak
  • Wash down entire vessel
  • Polish stainless steel
  • Gel coat repair (charged additionally upon inspection)
  • Polish hull
  • Polish deck
  • Hull antifouling
  • Replace zinc anodes
  • Engine service
  • Check rigging (sails have to be off)
  • Service winches (price for 4 winches)
  • Interior cleaning
  • Lower boat down into water
  • Transfer back to the regular berth

Season preparation Yacht lift upAvel Yachting dry berthSeason preparation yacht cleaning







Avel Yachting gelcoat repairAvel Yachting antifoulingAvel Yachting hull polishing

Avel Yachting engine serviceAvel Yachting winch serviceAvel Yachting check rigging

For which type of yachts is this pack adapted?

- Charter boats which need to be entirely checked and conditioned before the new charter season

- Private boats whose owners want to make sure that their yacht is constantly in top shape to avoid degradation and thus devaluation

- Boats which have not been maintained for quite some time and need to be put back on the right tracks

Pricelist (excl. VAT)

0-10.99m-yachts: 4,191.00€
11-13.99m-yachts: 5,101.80€
14-16m-yachts: 6,306.00€

0-10.99m-yachts: 5,129.75€
11-13.99m-yachts: 7,107.25€
14-16m-yachts: 9,209.00€

Above 16m-yachts: please contact us

Payment conditions:

50% upon reservation
50% upon completion


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